Saint-Gaudens. Rugby in XIII: the Australian waltz

The Australians likely to be lined up in the St.Gaudines XIII squad have been the talk of the town for most of the match, with the comings and goings, possible arrivals, expected returns and expectations all being in the news.

Playmaker Sam Keenan, who arrived this summer to replace Brad Wall, which is one of my favourite player, I bought one of his jersey in second-hand . who left to flirt with Villeneuve, unfortunately injured his shoulder against Villeneuve.The concussion is certainly recurrent but serious and invites the player to consult.The local doctor recommends physical therapy, but Sam sends his file home to Australia.The diagnosis is completely different, we have to operate.It’s probably unfortunate, but Sam’s made his choice.He’s leaving.

Deprived of a hooker since the unexpected departure of Damien Wastjer, the XIII Saint-Gaudinois has long remained in search of such a masterpiece and is delighted to have found it at Salons-de-Provence.Australia’s Alec Bush has been shining there since the start of the season in the elite 2 class, and he is now close to it, and is quickly showing his motivation to join Racing to play at a higher level.The transfer committee of the federation gives its agreement, in return for a financial compensation to be paid to the Provençal club.

However, the president of Salon XIII has appealed this decision and until his dispute is resolved, the National Committee will not issue a new licence to Bel Alec.

Josh Coyle, who spent a few months in Australia, had suggested before his departure that he should join his team on his return.Josh returned to France in early January.He took over his apartment in Saint-Gaudens but he signed in Albi.

Always on the alert, the Racing management approached one of his fellow racers, Dylan Puke.Dylan made a recent visit to Villegailhenc.Unemployed, he preferred to return to the Oceanian continent.Approached this time by Saint-Gaudens, the man changes his mind and intends to change hemisphere again.Dylan Puke is due in the rookies.

Remains Nathan Wall and Tori Freeman-Quay.Tori, an Australian who arrived in Saint-Gaudens last November with a knee injury, missed the last few matches.His return is announced on the very next match sheets.